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So as promised here are the recipes for the two cakes I made for Katie and Kandy. I have baked the rainbow cake recipe since I was like 8, but never in that quantity and I had some food colouring issues, mixing only with primary colours and different brands!!
When it comes to vegan baking, I can do biscuits but once, a few years ago tried  brownies and they failed so I thought FUCK THAT and not bothered with anything other than biscuits since. But then Kandy stops eating diary and it's her big birthday and I think SHIT I gotta master this now.

Also I apologise for not putting metric measurements, I can't be bothered to look them up, lazy I know, but ounces are just cooler (as are inches!!). I changed the oven temp for you!

Rainbow cake:

You will need:-12 oz margarine
-12oz caster sugar

-6 eggs
-12 oz self raising flour
-vanilla pod

-pinch of salt
-food colouring (red, yellow, blue)

For the topping:
-tub of mascarpone
-5 tbsp. icing sugar

1. Grease three round baking tins and pre heat oven to gas mark 4/350.

2. Beat the fat and sugar, until light and fluffy. add pinch of salt.

3. Lightly beat the eggs then add to the mix, along side the flour and pinch of slat. Beat until well mixed together.

4. Cut the vanilla pod down the centre and scrape out the seeds and stir in.

5. Now you gotta get 5 other bowls! split the mix equally in each ( I split in half then each half into thirds).

6. Make one bowl red, one yellow and one blue. Then with the other three make an orange (red and yellow mixed), green (yellow and blue mixed) and purple (red and blue mixed).

7. Pour into the baking tins and bake three at a time, moving shelves halfway through. bake for around 25mins. Take out, leave to cool on a wire rack and bake the other 3.

8. Once cool trim off the edges so the colours show, then make the frosting. Put the tub of mascarpone in a bowl and stir in the icing sugar.

9. place the purple cake on a plate/cake board spread a layer of frosting on, place blue cake on next and repeat.

10. Once layers are done, spread the remaining frosting around the edge and on top of the cake, so the rainbow cake is a surprise until
it is cut!!

'Raspberry Ruffle' vegan cake!
I made a choc cake and added raspberry and coconut and later realised it's just like a raspberry ruffle, hence the name!

You will need:
- 4oz margarine
-1/2 pint soya milk
-2tbsp golden syrup
-1tsp bicarbonate of soda
-7oz self raising flour
-2oz cocoa powder
-8oz sugar

for the filling:
-punnet of raspberries
-carton UHT coconut cream*
-icing sugar
-vanilla pod
*store in the fridge overnight

For the icing:
-icing sugar

-cocoa powder
-cocktail stick!!

1. Grease two round baking tins (lining them would be best, I didn't, I got the cakes out but with a bit of care and patience, ran out of greaseproof!!)

2. Melt the marg, syrup and milk (except 4 tbsp. of it) in a pan.

3. Dissolve the bicarb in the remaining milk.

4. Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Then add the wet mixture, mix well.

5. Pour into the tins and bake for 1/2 hour on gas mark4/350 then reduce heat to gas mark3 for an hour or so, until baked through and crisp on top.

6. Leave to cool.

7. Place the raspberries in a pan and add a couple of tbsp. of sugar. Heat until sugar is dissolved and raspberries have mashed, to form a 'coulis'.

8. Leave to cool

9. Take the coconut cream out of the fridge and place in a bowl. Mix with around 3-4tbsp of icing sugar, until it makes a thick creamy texture. Cut the vanilla pod in half and scrape out the seeds, mix in. Place back in the fridge.

10.Once raspberries have cooled, sieve out the juice and save for later. Spread the rest of the raspberries on to one side of cake then spread the coconut cream mix on top. sandwich it!

11. For the icing, take a few tbsp. of icing sugar and add the raspberry juice. Mix until it is nice and thick, like double cream.

12. In a small bowl make some choc icing using  a tbsp. of icing sugar and tbsp. of cocoa and splash of water.

13. Spread the raspberry icing on top of the cake. Using a teaspoon drip lines of the choc icing across the cake. Then take a cocktail stick and drag lines over the cake through the choc icing to create the feathered effect.
Store in the fridge until serving!

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