Sunday, 8 February 2009

edible fruits...

Yes, I know fruit is already edible but check out these marzipan strawberries I made. I've been making cakes for Soup Kitchen in Manchester and apparently the other day someone found an elastic band in some battenberg I made. I am dumbstruck! firstly of all the things there is in my house, elastic bands isn't one of them and secondly in all the (14ish) years I have been baking I have never found anything in my cakes, not even a hair, surprisingly. I am at a loss to ho it got there, but seeing as they had to refund the dude (whom I think put it in there to realise he didn't like marzipan so wanted another cake) I thought i should fancy up the next batch of cakes I make. so voila marzipan strawberries to go on top of pink strawberry and white chocolate cup cakes, sans elastic bands!

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