Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pencil skirt.....

calling all those who purchased Sugar Paper #3, as promised here are the instructions to craft yr self a pencil skirt....

once you have made yr pattern, pick yr fabric and decide what length you want the pencil skirt.


1-lay down the fabric, fold over the width of yr front pattern piece. lay the pattern on top with the centre front line laying on the fold. pin to fabric, cut around the pattern, making sure not to cut down the centre front line. cut the length of fabric the desired length plus 3cm. cut (from around 5 inches from the bottom) a slight curve, going in around an inch and a half near the hem. cut around 1cm from the pattern.


2- Fold over the fabric just a little wider than your back pattern piece. lay the pattern on top with the centre back line laying 2cm away from the fold. Pin to the fabric and cut around as before (including the curve near the hem) only this time cut down the middle centre back line so you have 2 back pattern pieces.

3- over sew all the edges of the skirt.

4-using the pattern pieces mark the darts onto the underside of the skirt pieces. stitch in darts with a straight line.

5- pin the two back pieces together down the centre seam line. mark 9 inches from the top and 4 inches from the bottom. stitch a straight line from the 9 inch mark to the 4 inch mark around 1 inch/2cm in. press the seam.

6- stitch down the underside of one side of the 4 inch split at the bottom of the skirt. this will aid you when walking in yr skirt!!

7- pin the sip to the opening of the centre seam on the skirt back. stitch in.

8- pin the side seams of the skirt together, stitch with a straight line around 1 inch/2cm in. press seams flat.

9- turn over the top of the skirt half an inch and stitch with a straight line.

10- turn up the bottom hem an inch and stitch with a straight line. press and there you have a pencil skirt!

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