Saturday, 28 February 2009

it's hard to walk in a dress it's not easy...

I realised it had been aaages since I had done any proper sewing, so I decided to make two dress in two days, I realise now that I can sew quickly and that I am just being incredibly lazy, once I manage to move my notice board from my sewing table (one of 6 sewing machine currently sat on dining room table)I should be sewing like a demon!!!

PS check out my Seattle/Portland inspired twee bastard dress, excitement for my forthcoming adventures.

tickets booked thank you capital one!


Rai Phobia said...

The dresses are amazing!
And I'm so flattered that you are following my Zine-Blog hehe.
As soon as my next student loan comes through I plan to buy all the issues of Sugar Paper. How often does it come out??

Much love.

sugar paper gang said...

heheh, thanks!!!
it's supposed to come out twice yearly but we are pretty slow at putting it all together!!!
let me know when yr zones all done though!!