Sunday, 11 October 2009

BAKE SALE!!!my Sunday morning adventures

This morning I got up early(ish) to ice some cakes I baked last night to take to Albert Square for a bake sale!
The sale was being run by ladies form The Birdhouse Fund
and I knocked out some mint choc chip cakes:
When I arrived there, soaking wet from the awful rain they had a LOAD of cakes, I hope they managed to sell lots and lots.
I made my cakes with this
yes it's a giant 1kg tub of stork, the picture doesn't do it justice, it's huge and I nearly wet myself when my mum bought it. I don't know why but giant things and little things just make me smile.
So after dropping off my cakes, I had a a little while to my next bus home, so I thought I would take shelter in Primark until then. When in Primark I got instructed by security to take down my hood! I gave this security man a filthy look, removed my hood for all of 20seconds and put it back up, I mean I can understand that shoplifters my keep up their hoods inside shops to disguise themselves, but somehow I don't think me having my hood up whilst wearing big red clown-esque shoes, a blue hello kitty mac, red panda face bag and green beret, was going to make me inconspicuous,
"that girl stole something"
"oh what did she look like?"
"I couldn't tell she had her hood up, oh well she did kind of look like it was 1996".

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