Sunday, 18 October 2009

My week in celebs....

It starts last Monday, when I went to see The Slits. I was sandwiched between the worlds most annoying couple that I hope I never see upon the streets of Manchester EVER again and Maxine Peake of Shameless/oh she does a good Myra Hindley fame.
I worked for a few days, no celebrities there I'm afraid.
On Friday I went to visit Alison and who should get on my train at Wigan but only Vic Reeves of shooting stars fame! I had to hide behind my book so as not to look t his face because his face was making me laugh, and his pinky ring.
On Saturday I went to a party, before the party someone knocked on my door, I peered through the spy hole and saw a scary looking bald man and did a little poo in my pants, the family all checked this man I was fearing through the spyhole, hen suddenly my mum shouts "it's Nickie". yes she only had on a John Malkovich mask that I mistook for some evil looking man knocking at the door, oh Nickie you got me, you got me good!

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