Thursday, 29 October 2009

It's almost Halloween!!!!

In just two days it will be Halloween, this time last year I had a sweet shop that was next door to a small fancy dress shop, needless to say I couldn't see out of the front of my shop for a week with all the people queuing to get fancy dress. This year I am working in a fancy dress shop in the Arndale, yes I must be mental. It is so busy that we have a one in one out policy with queues stretching round the corner of the next shop, yesterday we had to close for an hour to tidy up and re-stock because quite frankly fancy dress shoppers are darn messy. We have had to close the changing rooms to try and ease the complete chaos, this has lead to much abuse from people purchasing their 'foxy firefighter' and 'sexy snow princess' outfits to me and all the other staff. I never got why girls need to dress in bottom grazers (you know things that barely cover your bottom) for fancy dress, it is just like that line from Mean Girls where fancy dress means your underwear and some animal ears, I overheard a group of girls the other day saying the theme isn't scary but sexy, what does that mean?!?
Not one for wanting to dress as a sexy version of a number of girlie things (princesses, fairytale heroines(losers?! we all know the baddies rule)) my favourite has always been the sexy versions of members of the emergency services, my mum looks just like that when she leaves the house at 5am.And not one for wanting to spend much money on fancy dress I tend to make my own, previous years has witnessed me as a black and white minstrel, mime artist and a Tara McPherson painting. this year my working in a fancy dress shop has come in handy for discount on certain items I just do not own. Another thing that has put me off buying pre-pack outfits(aside from the cheap thrush inducing fabric) and what I try not to think about is the wastefulness of the whole thing, What is everyone going to do with these outfits they have bought for one night, we sell a lot and I mean A LOT so where does it all go? It worries me it's super wasteful, I think the odd few who have spent a fair bit on a half decent costume might flog it on eBay, but I can't say I've ever seen fancy dress in the charity shop. A student mentioned that it doesn't really matter if it fits as he's only gonna wear it for one night, I had visions of halls of residence bins getting clogged up with masses of nylon, oh dear.
anyway pointlessness over, it's almost Halloween....


supercasio said...

I wondered when this video would crop up.

So what is your Halloween outfit for this year?

nakanickie said...

this video makes me so happy. i want to dress like them so bad. i might do a urie, but theres nothing left in the shop! i fucking hate like 90% of people now (since working in there)... it was at about 80% before. some girl asked jamie what we do with the halloween costumes after halloween if no-one buys them, and i dead-panned 'we put them on a bonfire and burn them'... the poor student twat looked at me like i was a total mental case... jamie laughed though. whoops big comment. at least jason from corrie was nice gahaha.