Sunday, 4 October 2009

Bridget Riley: giving ourselves eye twitches!

On Friday I took a day trip out to Liverpool with Alison to the Walker Art Gallery for an exhibition of this lady's work:I would highly recommend the Bridget Riley flashback exhibition, if nor just to make your eyes go funny and stand staring at a painting for a while trying to figure it out without giving yourself too much of a headache. At one point I was thinking the colour scheme of a certain painting reminded me of a broken television, next think you know my eyes had gone funny and it was like I was looking at television static! There is a rather good documentary accompanying the paintings.
We then headed to Blackburne House where Alison has some work exhibited and soaked up the free wine with fries and veggie burgers from Eddie Rockets, yum!
I will leave you with this, careful that eye doesn't start twitching!

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Colouring Outside The Lines said...

wowzer, i am now officially bog-eyed! :) xox