Monday, 28 September 2009

an aMAZEing tale of how vampires are taking over

I am pretty certain everyone must have noticed how the likes of Twilight and True Blood are infiltrating , well everything, from the high street to the charts (yes Shakira I'm talking bout you and your lame She Wolf) but who knew it would take over mazes!
I present to you (thanks for the heads up Nickie) a Twilight inspired maize maze:

I know right, it's completely aMAZEing. I would totally get lost in TEAM EDWARDS hair!
I have been swept up by the high streets vamped up fashion, even Topshop is it at, I managed to purchase myself this riot boy stripe mixed with 90s fang logo tee form the H&M:

I noticed, on my Sunday browse around North City shopping centre that even cheap shop Select have cashed in on this, with black and white stripe tee with the word REBEL in red blood drip font on the front, the name of this hot and happening tee....HOXTON GIRL!!! I kid you not.
Now all I need is Claire's to pull their finger out and get loads of fangtastic jewelry I can waste my money on!

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