Sunday, 20 September 2009

hey you! happy birthday, I'm gonna swoon for moon.

A brief round-up.
Last week I went to see AU, where I learnt two things, 1- my jeans may have shrunk, they don't really fit me anymore, Nickie says they bear an uncanny resemblance to jeggings, no good.
2-When someone does eventually make an indie film of my life I would quite like AU to do the score.
The week before this I attended a 50th birthday party of my mum's friend, I made the cake, it looked like this:

It was also Paul's birthday, I made him a case for his Mac Book that I cleverly called Big Mac:
I have also been making tutus and other such 'things' but that's another, dull story.
I am now going to continue to get overexcited watching the full New Moon trailer, good times! I will I wait til November though arrhghghgg!!!

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