Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I sent myself post..(dull postal story)

Unintentionally of course. Why would I walk 3 minutes across the road, buy a stamp post a letter to get delivered back to me the next day!
What happened is I went to the post office, posted a load of zines, got served by the woman I really don't like, she didn't do anything that offense on this visit, I asked to buy one large and one normal first class stamp. In my hand I noticed I had a big stamp (that yes did have flowers on it) and one gold stamp. I stuck the large stamp on my large letter and posted it, then I licked the gold stamp and went to stick it to my small letter when I realised I'd only bloody posted the large letter with a normal first class, there was nothing I could do so I popped that in the box, imagine my surprise when I found this on my doormat this morning:
yes that's my post right there! what had happened is the crazy post machine or whatever it his couldn't understand my well fancy Lisa Petrucci stationary and so franked the back bit which has an image where a stamp would go and of course I'm a professional poster who always puts their return address on things, so back it came!

So now I have to re-post this, possibly in a dull white envelope, on the plus side I can peel of my large first class stamp and just buy a normal one now.
Oh my life is full of so many crazy stories. Apologies for the dullness of this post, I am trying to distract myself from the fact I am hungry but not wanting to eat because half my face feels like it's on the floor due to a dentist visit.

PS if Jennifer who ordered one zine, I apologise if your post never arrives or if you have to pay extra postage due to my lame stamp mix up, let us know!

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