Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Tell 'em what's gwan on blud!

Well the other day Kandy and I were wandering around the Arndale centre looking for somewhere to get a milkshake when we walked passed a small queue outside Smiths, SIGNING! We got closer and I did a big laugh and started saying excitedly 'Ha looks who is is! I rang my mum and told her to come back to ton quick, leave the cup of tea you have just made as there is a book signing and this man was doing the signing:
Yes Mr Levi Roots, the man behind Reggae Reggae sauce and now on BBC two cooking up a storm. My mum arrived in town to get a glimpse of him, but the signing was over. That night also happened to be the night I was to have my first attempt at making patties.I used a bit of Levi's recipe, some of the one from our Caribbean cookbook my mum stole from the library in 1984 and another what do we have.
I ended up making these:Beef, yam and calaloo patties. They tasted nice, not quite right, not enough of a kick and I still believe I should have opted for the cookbooks flaky pastry not Levi's shortcrust. The filling did seem to make a nicer pizza topping the next day, lord-a-mercy!


Squinky and Pink said...

ooh jealous can't believe I missed it, I was thinking of going into town a few days ago too :/ The patties look damn tasty

S-K said...

I would have quite liked a little chat with him too!! THANK YOU, the pastry was a little dry though, next time I'll get it right!