Tuesday, 1 September 2009


On Sunday i went to the Leeds carnival. It was something of a wash out. The parade is only feature on the bank holiday Monday so I didn't get to see that (this was my highlight when i went to the carnival two years previous.)It rianed as soon as we got there, but i got into the spirit of things drinking red stripe ad having my first try of West Indian food vegetarian style IE no chicken (which consisted of me only having a fried dumpling and a vegetable pattie).
My mum told me shaggy was supposed to be performing, so Katie and I waited patiently, but nope no Mr Boombastic. We used the portaloos and went home.On the train ride there however, I saw something I never knew existed, in Batley, the home of Batley Bob (Robert Palmer RIP) is a replica Hollywood sign! I did a cheeky laugh at the sight of this. It apparently is outside the bar Legends. It looks like this:

When I was actually in LA we only passed the Hollywood sign briefly as we tried not to get lost on the freeway. I was however, too slow at jumping from my seat to have a look, so the next day on my birthday in some run down part of LA in our motel we re created it.
Ours looked like this:

This genius idea from Nickie was made from white paper that we pinned to the astro turf on the stairs of the motel. Good times.


nakanickie said...

that hollywood sign is amazing, now you have almost seen the real thing.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've never seen the Batley Hollywood sign before, I'm sure you must have!

Batley Bob 4evs

S-K said...

I can't believe you've never told me about the sign before!