Saturday, 23 January 2010

Honorary Craft Idol

This one is given for total craftinitiative, and goes out to...

Kickball Katy
Bass player with Vivian Girls, Kandy, Nickie and I went to see them play on Sunday (awesomesness!). I purchased the last small t-shirt, Kandy got one of the remaining medium, Katy told us they were selling great but they had lots of large ones left and that the folk of the UK are just too small!! We were saying that it doesn't matter if they are too large as we will just take them in, like we do with most band tees, she said she is totally the same but a lot of people wouldn't bother.
Kandy and I saw them again on Friday, where Katy was taking in the larger shirts to sell,they were being pre-ordered, so to speak! She was stitching them up with a needle and dental floss, know that is what I call crafty D.I.Y action.
That's What I call ace!
Here is my t-shirt that I took in, I used the uncool method of a sewing machine, kinda wish I had a hand stitched floss Katy special!!
Polaroid taken by Nickie, thanks!

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