Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ladyfest is ten!

So the year is 2010, which means it has been ten years since I thought my Hi-Fi had been hit with the millennium bug, when my friends had just got popcorn stuck in it, tens years since I left school and also ten years since the first Ladyfest happened in Olympia.
Now I would love to say I was cool (and rich) enough to have been there, but I wasn't.
I was, however present at the first one in the UK, Ladyfest Scotland, in Glasgow.
This was one of those life- changing/defining/forming/saving moments. Seeing all my favourite bands, hanging out with awesome people and just learning so much. Ladyfest Glasgow will be one of the best times of my life. From the dancing with Allison Wolfe, to the telling Beth Ditto what Weetabix taste like, drinking lots of Irn Bru and even getting called 'it's the fookin Tribe*' in the street
*CH5 program I never watched but Nickie says it was dead good!!
I'd like to thank the folk that went to the first one in Olympia and were so inspired came back to Scotland and made the first UK Ladyfest, to everyone and anyone who has since been involved in any Ladyfest, and especially those who started the very first one.
I have since 2001, opened up the festival in London, sold my wares in Brighton Leeds and Manchester and had an all round awesome time!

The last picture is a selection of hand embroidered, Ladyfest flyer's from around the world that I stiched.

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Colouring Outside The Lines said...

"one of those life- changing/defining/forming/saving moments" -- agreed, that time in 2001 was pretty darn special :)
And oh-my-god, I adore those stitched fliers. After spending so long making that uk ladyfest artwork zine featuring past fliers etc. I am just so happy to see them all again in this way. You amaze me :)