Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I like jigsaws, in fact I might even say I love them, we had the same 5 or 6 when I was younger, my sister and I used to do the, we each did certain parts of the jigsaw, like I always did the bluebells and she did the foxglove on a certain round floral number!
The other day I got a new tattoo, it was jigsaw themed:

The picture is pretty shoddy, it says Youth, it was inspired by this:

I was also checking out all things crochet tonight, you see I am learning to crochet and determined to make it a craft I can do, look at this hotness:

Then I found this little gem:

Click to Mix and Solve
I managed to do it in 3minutes 36 seconds, I tell you if I were using my hand and not a mouse, I would have done it in half the time.
I can say for definite that there will be some jigsaw action in Sugar Paper 5!


zomboy6 said...

WOW totally JEALOUS of the Tatt. I am going to get the Riot to do me RESIST PSYCHIC DEATH on my neck, not not really, just on my arm.

supercasio said...

Wow this looks amazing!

Although I'm hiding my jealousy well as this was going to be my tattoo. One of those many tattoos that I just haven't bothered getting yet.

S-K said...

I was waiting for you to get it Holly, so sorry if I stole it, but then again you did see Yummy Fur! Yeah get RRiot on that Nick, anyway you got a Frumpies tatt, jel!