Monday, 11 January 2010

one of them lists!!

Another year has passed, another DECADE has passed, it's around this time of year that people make them lists. I know very little about music, and this will probably change next week, but I reckon, in no p[articular order, these are my ten favourite albums of the decade:Total cop out, a best of! Placebo got me into music way back in the mid 90s, they released 4 albums last decade, none of them my favourite,either one of those was released the decade before that, so hence a singles collection.
Everyone wants fast easy songs that you can totally shake your booty to. Bangs rule.
This is not my favourite Kinney album, and tomorrow this could very well be One Beat, but I'm in a poppy mood tonight.

This band restored my faith in music, made me feel well good for liking music made by band formed in that decade, imagine. Bedroom dancing delights!

Three cheers for MCR is what I say, and for me being out and proud with my love of 2nd and 3rd wave EMO, this band probably did save my life.

Listening to Mika Miko makes me feel like a punk, like an original 1977 punk like Enid in Ghost World yeah. Sadly they are no more, shitter.

Because the self titled album was released just a little before last decade and because I saw Le Tigre for the first time on the Feminist Sweepstakes tour (I don't know why, I was being stupid not seeing them earlier, I will now refer to anytime I decline seeing a band with a poor excuse as YummyFurGate) and Holly and I started a stage invasion.

When I was younger I only liked songs that were over in 2 minutes and gave me a stitch dancing to them. I got older. I am more of a cynic, but appreciate such delights as this.

In the late 90s, I'd been listening to girl bands, ones on KRS and labels of that ilk, but I hadn't heard a band like The Gossip. Seeing this band live always makes me smile and gives me a stitch. I think I prefer Movement, but this is what got me.

Another one of those faith restorers. This band gave me so much. They made me excited about music again, made me dance, made me happy, made me money and made me awesome friends. swoon!

Ok, while I go and cry into my tea about YUMMYFURGATE number 2, you go and point out all the albums I should have put, and check out how those last two record covers are made of felt, for realz!!!


nakanickie said...

UHHHH hello.... neyo!?

nakanickie said...

oh wait... that's just me.

S-K said...

I told you I was disappointed with the neyo album, too many slowies, but I haven't heard JLS yet, so that could squeeze it's way in!

nakanickie said...

Neyo and JLS will be in my top ten songs. I'm saying this now, i'll obvs regret it when i think about all the songs from the past ten years. I know for a FACT Hey Ya will be in my top five songs. YES!

supercasio said...

Yummyfurgate is the best term ever. Love this list.