Friday, 9 April 2010

Craft idol #6

Whitney LeeI first came across this lady when I watched the Handmade nation documentary at and Exhibition in Leigh last year (was it last year?!). I think I had briefly seen her work in Bust magazine before, but I hadn't really studied it.
In a nutshell Whitney makes trashy, pornographic latch hook rugs! But it's so much more than that!
Whitney is a feminist with a sense of humour and incredible talent for latch hook rug making. I have yet to garner this talent, I used to spend a long time making rag rugs with my Grandad and so latch hook is something I definitely want to try out.
Whitney makes and sells kits too for those of us who want to get our latch hook on.
If you want to become a hooker or just want to gawp at the rugs, learn more
here. Also check check out Sugar Paper #5 (when it's ready) as our very own alison erika forde has submitted a basic how to on latch hook rugs.

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