Friday, 16 April 2010


So we had a field trip to see Whip It the other day, I was dubious at first, not being the biggest fan of the main star, but a film directed by Drew Barrymore, about Roller Derby was only ever going to be good wasn't it!

We enjoyed A LOT. I definitely recommend you to all go and see it! And then afterwards get out your Barbie skates from the loft and start skating!
If you want more than just a leisurely skroll(that's a skate stroll) then check out our how to guide to roller derby by guest writer Natalie in Sugar Paper #2!
PS- Kandy and I would now like to be known only as Calamity Pain and Nancy Spew, respectively, thanks!

1 comment:

alison said...

i'll have to make do with rocking my fluorescent pink purple and black ones with matching knee and elbow pads...kewl