Friday, 2 April 2010

Mini Make And Do

Would you like to make this?*
Want to know how?

-Yellow yarn
-Orange felt
-Googly eyes

First, draw two circles (around 8.5cm diameter) on to your card. Draw an inner circle (3cm in) in the center. Cut out the rings.

Put your yarn into little balls. Place the two rings together and start wrapping your yarn round and round, passing the yarn through the center of the rings.

Do this until you have around 6 layers of yarn covering your ring.

Carefully cut along the edge of the yarn ring, whilst holding the loose threads in place.

With a short piece of yarn, tie round the centre of the cut yarn ring (between the two cardboard rings. Tie a knot and remove cardboard.

Trim any loose yarn and fluff up.

Cut a triangle for beak and foot shapes out of the orange felt. Glue these and the eyes onto the pom pom to create your fluffy pom pom chick!

Why not try a pom pom Bunny too!

*it looks a lot cuter in real life, my camera finally packed in and so had to scan the little thing, aw!

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