Monday, 19 April 2010

Paint Palette cake!

So it's almost officially the start of birthday season here at Seleena Sugar Paper Towers, warming up with a couple of friends birthdays in April, followed by mine at the start of May (woooooooooooooooo) opening the birthday flood gates for sisters, cousins uncles and aunts, leading to friends summer birthdays, leaving only a break end of June-July (which is good as that time will be spent watching Eclipse at the cinema!). So this means I will soon be doing lots of baking and cake eating. To celebrate this fact, we are giving you some recipes for our favourite novelty cakes we have made.
First up is the Paint Palette cake I made for Alison a couple for years back.

Paint Palette
You will need:
4oz/100g caster sugar
4oz/100g margarine
4oz/100g self raising flour
2 medium eggs
Food colouring: red, blue, green, yellow
For icing:
Icing sugar
Strawberry and vanilla essence
Paint palette
Bun cases
Astro belt, small bread stick for decoration

Make the cake mixture as for Victoria sponge*. Place 2 desert spoons of the mixture into a small bowl, add red food colouring and strawberry flavour. Put into a bun case. Do the same with each colour. Next orange, mixing red and yellow colouring mixed together and strawberry flavouring. Yellow with vanilla essence. Green with vanilla essence, blue with vanilla essence. {purple, mixing red and blue together with strawberry flavour.
Bake for 20 minutes and leave to cool.
Make icing for each cake, using the colouring and flavourings as used for the cakes. Mix a couple of tbsp of icing sugar with several drops of colouring and flavouring and a tsp of warm water. Mix to a thick consistency. Pour on top of cooled cake, level out so the icing is nice and flat. Leave to set. Mix some white icing (no colour or flavouring). Place a blob on the bottom of each bun case and place on to the paint palette, once set the cakes will stay stuck.
For the paintbrush we used dippers from a choc dip and cut bits off an astro belt and stuck those to the palette with icing!

Stay tuned for Sugar Paper #5 (we're working on it, honest!) which features a recipe of our absolute FAVOURITE novelty cake.

*this recipe is found in Sugar Paper #2!!

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