Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Be nice to me, I gave blood today....

Yes, I finally manged to give blood (I tried to do this in time for our last issue) , I held off getting a tattoo, got back to my old weight and got a job where I get proper days off!
Inspired by Bunny's regular blood donating blog updates and my own realisation that I hadn't any proper reason for never giving blood before, I booked myself in.
I managed to get a morning appointment, which I always prefer, got myself down there, drank more fluids in ten minutes then I do in a whole day and got myself ready for the blood giving.
The nurse said I had good veins (I do I have MASSIVE veins) and I was lying down giving, as two others were midway through theirs. Then we all finished at the same time!
People who know me know I'm pretty quick at doing most things, turns out I'm even quick at giving blood, I took less then five minutes.
I then sat myself down and went for the orange cordial and the mint Club, wish I had gone for the packet of biscuits, I love those biscuits in little bags!
I'm also pretty sure the lady that took my blood used to be a dinner lady at my school and friends with my mum, I'll ask her next time....
So for the rest of the day, everyone has to be nice to me!

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Bunny said...

yay!!!! this makes me really happy. I promise to be super nice to you all day ♥♥♥♥♥