Saturday, 28 May 2011

Flesh And Bone exhibition

On Thursday evening Kandy and (and other cool folk we know) headed to Manchester's Common for the preview of David Baileys Flesh And Bone exhibition.
David Bailey is super illustrator and all round good egg who has done a shit load of awesome work and runs Manchester's #1 zine emporium
Good Grief!
Flesh And Bone is weekly comic strip.
It was super busy on Thursday, and with all
Common exhibitions, the art literally adorns the walls, so we didn't get to see it all properly, we returned the next day in hope to see more, but it was the start of Bank Holiday weekend, so still busy! We did bag (HA BAG!) ourselves a Flesh And Bone tote though!
The exhibition runs until the end of September, so go visit, it's laugh out loud, not the kind where people go 'oh that's funny', but the kind where you start reading, then start pissing your pants, then can't even get to the last frame in the strip as your eyes have filled up with those laughter tears. It's also quite pleasing on the eye, just visually like, GO NOW!

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