Friday, 27 May 2011

Where am I? In the village.

The beginning of May saw my birthday and this year I spent it in North wales, near Snowdonia with all my favourite folk!
We stayed in Porthmadog in two caravans, travelling on the Friday and leaving Monday morning.
I had the best time, OK ankles were broken and it went far too quick, but just hanging out with all my friends that live all over the country, for longer than half an hour was rad, especially doing it all in the sun!
We spent my actual birthday in Portmeirion, home of TV show The Prisoner, the prettiest place in the world! So surreal, and like I was in a foreign land! We also boarded a steam train this day, much excitement all round!
I don't want to rabbit on too much as it will just be a lot of rads and awesomes and best evers, so I'll just leave you with some choice snaps.

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