Saturday, 28 May 2011

The one where it was my birthday....

So yes, I turned 27 at the start of the month, and as the below blog post states, I had a rad 'ol time in Wales, but because I'm like the queen and think I have two birthdays, I did other stuff too, a few more select pictures form the celebration of my birth 2k11 style!

1- Party Poison jacket my pals clubbed together and got for me, this rules for many reasons, it's blue, it's sooooo 90s and it's MCR merch (best merch ever!).
2-Knitted panda, the first thing my friend Leesey has ever knitted!
3-Flowers, lovingly made by my pal Alison.
4-Bad grrrrl bowling.
5-Cocktails, Charlotte and I enjoying some cheeky booze!


Claire said...

WOW! The party poison jacket is beyond words, can not describe that kind of brilliance!!!

And happy-(very belated)-birthday! x

Sugar Paperette said...

hahah thank you! I know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my jacket, want to wear it all the time, but also want to keep it safe so never wear it ha! x