Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Reverse Applique Kobra Kid tee!

So the other week it was my all round good pal Nick's birthday, I hadn't been paid from work yet and wanted to give him something rad, so I knocked out a t-shirt heavily inspired by that worn by My Chemical Romance's Kobra Kid AKA Mikey Way.
I thought you some of you guys might want to make it too, so here's how.....
You will need:
-black t-shirt
-yellow t-shirt
-sewing machine

-yellow thread
-tailors chalk/pencil

1- First, unpick the front of the black t-shirt from the rest of the t-shirt (up the side seams, front of arms, and neck)

2-Once unpicked, pin to the reverse of the yellow t shirt front and stitch together.

3- Keep inside out, and on the black draw animal print style shapes. Pin in several places.
4- Stitch around these shapes with straight stitch, it's best to pull the t-shirt tight as you sew, it will keep from pulling when worn.

5- Once all the shapes have been stitched round, turn the shirt to the right side and get some small scissors.

6- Snip out the yellow middles of the shapes, stitch around 1cm from stitch line. The best way to do this is pull up the centre stitch a hole and work your way to the edge, trying best to separate the black back.

7- Once all cut out your animal print will be revealed, wear with pride and do kung fu on a rock!

(yr the best Nick!)

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