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The Taurean quality of stubbornness is also a part of the characteristics profile of a Leo. Both of them have a strong determination and stick to a decision once they have made it. This zodiac match will, most probably, show signs of permanence, firmness and devotion. However, their different personal dispositions and incompatible tastes may lead to some problems. The Lion is a people's person, who loves an audience and its attention. On the other hand, the Bull is a bit reserved and prefers to be only with the few people he is close to. Even the extravagant ways of the former may not go down well with the latter.

In spite of these differences, which may lead to extreme arguments at times, the commitment between the two, will hardly falter. But, they will have to remember not to take each other for granted and try to compromise by turns. The stubbornness will have to be subdued in both of them; otherwise the problems may become too huge. The Lion will bask in the attention showered by the Bull and will in turn charm him with his charisma. Taurus will also let the Lion rule the relationship as well as him to quite an extent, thus boosting his vulnerable ego. Both of them show great compatibility in the area of passion and romance too

My best friend in highschool was a Leo, and now three of my closest and oldest (in longeivity not actual age)friends are all Leo's. I guess we must be pretty compatible (although the passage above makes it sound like we often fight, I never have!!).
And so when August comes along, it's a non stop party for me (and my bank balance!) as I celebrate three awesome folks birthdays in the space of 8 days!! This year was a mountain of fun.

It started last Saturday when Katie and I headed to London for part one of her birthday celebration, which involved us going to see Wicked.

We went for the matinee and had cheap tickets so were sat really far back, but it was sooooooo good. I would tell anyone to go and see it, I don't want to spoil it for anyone that will. I will say that when the male love interest graced the stage, I could make out that his arms were tattooed, I thought this a little odd within musical theatre. I then thought his voice isn't as strong a the rest of the cast, then I noticed he wasn't the best dancer. Then I was sure I recognised his voice, then Katie taps me and says 'is that Matt Willis?'. And it only bloody was, Mattie J from Busted in a musical, good stuff!

We hot footed it south to get ourselves glamoured up to celebrate Bad Reputation's first Birthday.
Bad Reputation is an awesome club night for queers, punx, grrrls and geeks. It was also the eve of my other friends birthday, Holly.
I love Bad Rep normally, but this time I got to guest DJ!!!! I was super excited (and nervous that nobody would dance). But I didn't care because I got to dance in the DJ box, and you know what other people danced too!

We ended the night by doing two shots each (northern girls go wild) before heading home for a cup of tea (northern girls go wild!.
Sunday was actually Holly's birthday. We woke up stupidly early from a night of awesome dancing but it was worth it to watch Holly have an emotional meltdown as I gave her the present I made. which for anyone that cares was a felt rendition of the cover of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

We had a small breakfast as we were due to attend one of Europe's largest all you can eat buffets, Cosmo in Croydon. OH MY GOD this place is amazing, mind blowing. It's hard to know where to start. I only managed three plates of savoury and one plate of sweet, but I need to go back and change my strategy so I can eat MORE. We somehow managed to get back to Holly's without dying due to food and ended the night with a swoony watch of Baz Lhurmans Romeo And Juliet, yes mate!

I managed to recover from the weekend just in time to celebrate Katie's actual birthday on the Thursday. We spent this at Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester, a place I only discovered a few months ago despite being open for a round a year. This place is really cool. It's got an Alice in wonderland theme, the tea and cake (and food) is tasty, the staff are really nice and it's totally laid back and you can sit there for hours and not get moved on.
Their cocktails are totally worth the money too!

I ended the birthday fun doing something I have never done before. This Sunday, the day before Kandy's birthday. Kandy, Alison and I went to a beginners trapeze workshop. It was sooooo much fun!

It was at Green top circus in Sheffield and the space they use is an old church, so we turned up surrounded by grave stones, goff circus!! The workshop leader was so nice and great at teaching and looked awesome in his purple unitard!
Some of it was hard and scary but totally amazing for the adrenaline rush. Would definitely do it again. I do ache so much today though!

And that ends my (just over a week) of birthday fun, and it wasn't even my birthday, I say that's a win win!

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