Saturday, 25 August 2012

Make a back patch

If you have a denim jacket/hoodie that you feel are a bit dull and some awesome t-shirts that you never really wear then make a back patch from the t-shirts!

You will need:-Hoodie/denim jacket
-Iron on interfacing *
-Sewing machine
*interfacing comes in white, grey and black and different weights, a light-medium weight is needed.

1. Cut out your 'patch' from your t-shirt.
For the denim patch, measure the back panel of your jacket before cutting from the t-shirt, you want the patch to fill this.
Just make sure you cut the patch for your hoodie small enough to fit the back.

2. Cut out some interfacing the same size as the cut piece of t-shirt. Iron on (textured side onto the back of the patch) with a tea towel over the top on a medium heat. The interfacing stops the t-shirt being stretchy.


3. Pin the back patch to the back of the hoodie, then straight stitch along the edge to secure.
Zig-zag stitch all around to stop the edges from fraying.

Voila, one badass hoodie!


3. In each corner of the patch cut a little notch (around 1cm). Fold in each edge around 2cm. Pin to the back of the denim jacket. Straight stitch along each edge, making sure you stitch the raw edge under.
Easy as that, one nuff tuff denim jacket.

Because I want to look super tough (and already have a denim jacket) I cut off my sleeves and will most definitely be adding more patches, like this one I got from Bad Reputation!

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