Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Crafty nails...

Here at Sugar Paper we're not total babes who look after our nails, manicure, soften cuticles or any of that jazz. But we do paint our nails and love a good novelty nail effect! It was my birthday at the weekend and inspired by our friend's teenage sister's awesome nails, we decided to get the nail polishes, pens and cocktail stitcks out and get arty...

like sensible babes we practiced on our feet first...looks like I need to catch up on the foot tattoo front!

I went for the half and half with cocktail stick feather icing type effect. My nails just happened to be a perfect match to this necklace that Seleena got me for my birthday, what a photo opp!

Alison went for the nail pen option and did an awesome job of making monster nails!  

Being a knitter, and well into all this nail art business, I decided to see if anyone had done knit themed nails....why of course they have!

I made this photo big so you can see the detail on these that blew my mind! Knitted fabric pattern on the nail!  Here at Sugar Paper though we are about all crafts, these nail transfers by Kate Broughton are pretty much the perfect thing for any crafter...

That's all on the nail art for now, I could go on forwever finding pictures of pretty nails, I will just leave a link to this tumblr instead...oh, and keep your eyes peeled for issue 10!

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