Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Teen TV zines. Part 1

The Norseman - A Freaks & Geeks zine
by Alice and Kate

So imagine how excited I was when I heard a zine was being made about one of my favourite teen television programmes, Freaks & Geeks (I was very excited). So imagine how excited I was when said zine landed on my doormat (ridiculously excited) and this zine didn't disappoint!

This zine is recommended for those who have already watched Freaks & Geeks (if you haven't then why haven't you, loser, stop having a social life and get watching this gem!) as it may contain spoilers.
It features a whole host of things, top ten tunes, post F&G career moments, Dungeons & Dragons review, reasons why Bill Haverchuck is the best, an ACTUAL interview with Sarah Hagen who played Millie and much more.

You can buy it from here and when you have exhausted the zine you can get another fix with The Norseman tumblr!!

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